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About Carter Digby
About Carter Digby

At Carter Digby we are re-inventing research. We have always specialised in helping our clients to make decisions, driven by our excellence in advanced methods.

Now we go further – by combining our known expertise in Advanced Methods with the powerful research opportunities provided by internet based research.

The world is changing, and with it the principals of research. At Carter Digby our research reflects the open, rich, sharing, engaged culture of the internet. Our clients will feel the power of the combination of our expertise in Advanced Methods with the best internet research.

Why Choose Us
We put your satisfaction at the centre of our business. Every project is the subject of a post-de-brief client satisfaction survey.
Our results are impressive. 96% of clients say that our deliverables and our teams are "Outstanding" or "Excellent"
We have built a dedicated Client Servicing Team who work alongside our Advanced Methods Team. Plus you will benefit from our innovate highly experienced qualitative team
Clients can take advantage of our Get Carter dedicated online panel, offering the opportunity for high quality, high value research.
Our Industry Expertise
80%Pharmaceutical and Personal Care
90%IT, Telco and Consumer Electronics
65%Betting and Gaming
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